Sorrel Residences spells endless vacation for avid travelers

For island resort habitues Ibin Sobejana and his cousin, Dr. Patrick Morales, becoming homeowners at Sorrel Residences adds excitement to their vacation lifestyle. The DMCI Homes resort-themed residential condominium along Sociego Street in Sta. Mesa, Manila evokes facets of their favorite getaways like its swimming pools and gardens complete with a refreshing breeze. So the new home seems to offer endless vacation for the avid travelers.

“The hallways of Sorrel Residences are spacious with air coming in and going out,” says the 35-year-old Sobejana, referring to the good ventilation in the 27-floor residence. “The airiness makes you feel like you’re just vacationing.”

The pair moved in last year to the one-bedroom unit they bought at the 20th floor. Sobejana says he loves to travel so he chose the resort-type living in the DMCI Homes project because it suits his personality.

DMCI Homes happens to be a leader in residential resort development because of its unique planning and design that simulate the tropical paradise environment and ambience in its condo communities. Expansive open spaces, skyline views from the Sky Park and Sky Lounge in the roof deck, and landscaped atriums every five floors comprise those staycation features. But there is more to the R&R amenities. A fitness gym promotes a healthy lifestyle, especially for working residents, while children of homeowners can play in an open-air playground.

“For me, to unwind is not just staying in my unit. I do swimming,” shares Sobejano who is also the the Customer Care Manager and stock trader of Philstocks.

Sobejana also works out at the gym thrice a week and hangs out at the Sky Lounge after returning from the office.

Providing convenience for homeowners with cars are three four levels of parking. For residents’ peace of mind, there is a 24-hour security consisting of a gated entrance, perimeter fence and security guards.

Sobejana and Morales used to live at their aunt’s home in Sta. Mesa. The nearness of Sorrel Residences to relatives was another reason he chose to live there. The location is also accessible to major roads and transportation but still shielded from car noise and pollution. That makes driving or commuting to work worry-free for Sobejana. He can take the LRT 2 train or an FX taxi to reach his Ortigas office in no time. The LRT 2 V. Mapa station is just 150 meters from the condominium. SM Sta. Mesa is just beside the train station while nearby schools and hospitals along Magsaysay Boulevard and V. Mapa are the Central College of the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Don Bosco School, UERM Medical Center, Unciano General Hospital and Lourdes Hospital.

There were other considerations in choosing Sorrel Residences. Sobejana’s co-workers, who also live in DMCI Homes’ communities, vouched for the quality of its workmanship and recommended the brand. Sobejana himself knew that DMCI Homes is a reputable property developer with experienced engineers, including those involved in infrastructure. He believes in the track record of the developer that he even bought DMCI Homes shares, effectively making him its co-owner.

It took the cousins two years to decide to buy a condo. They did not want to rush things because they want to invest in the right property. Sobejana is proud to own a Sorrel Residences condo unit especially when they bought it using savings. His share of the savings came from the sale of stocks that he purchased at cheap prices during the 2008 stock market crash.

“We really worked hard for it,” reveals Sobejana. “We did not ask for help from our parents, aunt or others.”

Sorrel Residences is ideal for end-users and upgraders from Manila and the surrounding cities of Quezon City and San Juan; young, start-up families aspiring for a calmer and relaxed home environment with their children; upwardly mobile professionals wanting to enjoy a grand lifestyle; early nesters; overseas Filipino workers; halfway home seekers; and city‐dwellers seeking a home near their place of work or business.

For more updates and information on DMCI Homes, just visit the official website www.dmcihomesasia.com or check out the official social media accounts on Facebook: Fb.com/DMCIOfficialPage, Instagram: @dmcihomes.official and Twitter: @Bogs_DMCIHomes or call 0936 928 7288 / 0928 409 6123.

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Client Testimonials

  • I have invested in many developers but none of them are comparable to DMCI Homes. They have bigger units, best quality, more open spaces, on time or early turnover and my favorite, VERY AFFORDABLE. Thanks DMCI Homes!

    Theresa Tria

    Quezon City

  • Me and my fiance were looking for a home that will fit our simple lifestyle and we found DMCI Condo in Quezon City. It is a blessing that DMCI Homes is so affordable that we can own a unit and enjoy a modern life. They can give clients Resort style, Quality and Affordable Communities. These are the advantages, their clients’ satisfaction is their key to success. Thank you DMCI!

    Kat Buerano

    Quezon City

  • We really like the design of DMCI Homes because it offers an escape from structured city living with its genuine resort feel. They are giving their clients more spaces, resort-style amenities and the best quality when it comes to building homes.

    Sandy Noche

    Quezon City

  • I invested in 2-Bedroom and 1-Bedroom unit of DMCI Homes. One for my family and one is for rental. It’s a no brainer, you know why? DMCI Homes have bigger size in units, more open spaces especially their Garden Atrium, it is one of my favorite features because of more room to walk and there are no too many units in every floor and lastly it is very affordable.

    Lovely Guinto

    Quezon City

  • Almost all of the Condominiums of DMCI Homes are the same. They have this Garden Atrium in every 6 floors in the middle of the building, which is I think one of the Best Features of all of their projects. It makes you feel that you are not in some building, because the Wind and Light passing through the Lumiventt Technology of their building design. That’s why I searched a project near my work, then here I am living in my Dream Home.

    Cath Leon

    Quezon City


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